Since the very beginning, we have been part of business contests. That have lead us to multiple recognition at a national and international level. We are very proud of our journey and hope this section keep growing in order to achieve our purpose.


20th Business Ideas Fair Costa Rica

The Business Ideas Fair organized by TEC was our first award. The fair was three days long of exhibiting our idea in front of hundred of people, judges and business analysts. We then were awarded with the first place in the category of Advanced Projects. That same day, we were chosen to participate in the Cisco GPS Challenge 2017 to represent our country.

Cisco GPS Challenge 2017

We successfully made our way in this global contest organized by Cisco. We were chosen to be part of the fifteen finalist shortlist from more than 1100 registrants around the globe and eventually, won the People's Choice Award. Back then, we were called ODA-Systems and this was the video with which we participated.

Cisco Live 2018

After the GPS Challenge, we enrolled in a start-up incubator in Costa Rica. We developed further our main product and formalized the start-up. Then, Cisco invited us to the Cisco Live 2018 event in Orlando, USA. There, we showcased in front of 200,000 people the environmental and economic impact of our entrepreneurship. You can see a summary of our participation in this event.

3th Innovation National Congress

Finally, in August, 2018, we were invited to the 3th Innovation National Congress of Costa Rica. We represented the start-up incubator and its role of cultivating young entrepreneurs that help boost the innovate potential of the country. Here is a little interview that Jose Joaquin Chavarría, ex-german ambassador, did with us about the event.