Liberty Mechatronics is about maximizing the technological proficiency of the world.
We believe in the positive impact that technology can create in society. As engineers, we have the tools and the knowledge required to come up with innovative solutions. As entrepreneurs, we strive to turn these solutions into sustainable business models. As humans, we care about solving the great social, economic and environmental problems of our time.


Our project started in 2017, when we were still university students at Tecnológico de Costa Rica. Our idea went from being a school project to winning first place at the Business Ideas Fair organized by TEC. From this, we participated in the Global Problem Solvers Challenge, organized by Cisco, in which we were finalists and won the People's Choice Award. That same year, we enrolled in a start-up incubator to formalize our entrepreneurial adventure.
In 2018, now graduated as engineers, the team has begun to venture into the national market and to associate with key partners, in order to drive the development of our main product, Amadeus-ODA.


From Costa Rica to the world. From college students to global problem solvers.

Mechatronics Engineer. He’s participated in projects that involve robotics and bioengineering. He's learning German, and plays the drums.

Mechatronics Engineer. He's constantly seeking ways to improve the world through technology. He loves italian food.

Mechatronics Engineer. He's an enthusiast of IoT and automation technologies. He loves playing soccer.

Mechatronics Engineer. He's passionate about applying technology on unexpected solutions. He's learning Japanese and loves playing tabletop games.