Know the health of your machines.
At all Times. At all Places.​

We improve the maintenance of industrial machinery through IoT.

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Existing Maintenance solutions generate results hard to interpret and lead to time consuming analysis.
We give you a complete insight of your machines status using data visualization (historical graphs), trends, alarms.
Preventive models of maintenance fall behind in determining the real causes of machine failures.
Our platform includes machine learning backed predictions that help you find the root problem of a potencial machine failure.
Locally dependent infrastructures tend to make machine data hard to access at all times.
We incorporate an IoT infrastructure in our platform, granting you centralized information accesible at any time and in any place.



User friendly dashboard for all your data analysis.
  • Subscription based SaaS application, 100% cloud-hosted.

  • Data analysis service enhanced by machine learning, it includes: graphs alarms, tendency visualization, and predictions.

  • Intuitive web interface, available from any place in the world.


Automatic and real time measurements of your machine status.
  • The sensor replicates lab tests to measure acidity in your lubricant oil.

  • Designed to work intrinsically  within Amadeus Platform.

  • Non-intrusive installation, no extra infrastructure required.

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