Meet Amadeus-ODA

The Amadeus Oil Data Analysis system is a cloud-capable sensor that automates lubricant oil quality analysis in industrial machines. It also provides a service that includes data analysis and visualization. Timely oil changes and failure prognosis decrease pollution and economic waste, while boosting productivity.


Analyzes oil acidity, viscosity, humidity, and the presence of metallic and non-metallic contaminants.


Measurements are performed in real-time, automatically, non-invasively, and on-line.


Cloud-based data analysis and visualization services.


Adaptable to the user's needs, e.g. oil type, machine type, and sampling rate.


1. Evaluates the oil's quality, and determines exactly when it must be changed.

2. Monitors the machine's condition by detecting if certain mechanical elements are suffering from wear (failure prognosis).

3. Enables early failure prediction, avoiding production downtimes and maintenance costs.

4. Identifies performance trends, using historical behavior data.


5. Digitizes and centralizes information for easier access and better decision making.

6. Automates oil sample collection, reducing human intervention.

7. Offers real-time information, in contrast to time-consuming laboratory tests.

8. Uses a small volume of oil for the tests (uℓ), which is then cycled back into the machine.


Thanks to Amadeus-ODA, lubricant oil can always operate at its optimum state, reducing the energy consumption caused by wear. Only in Costa Rica, this could represent savings of more than $100 million per year. This way, our services will improve the productivity of developing countries, handing them tools that boost their technological proficiency.

Oils contaminate water sources easily, so any cutback in its usage is beneficial for the environment. Also, we contribute to the goal of reducing 3140 MtCO2 in the next 15 years. Finally, with Amadeus-ODA we can help achieve the environmental targets of both businesses and countries alike.