We are the IoT platform bringing Data Analytics to industrial maintenance

We are the IoT platform bringing Data Analytics to industrial maintenance

A solution for each problem

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Unexpected failures
Preventive maintenance lacks the capacity to find causes for machine failures on time
Our plaform includes Machine Learning data analysis, helping you to detect potential failures before they happen.
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Insufficient machine data
Existing maintenance solutions do not generate a complete overview of the machine status.
We offer a real-time overview of the machine state through data visualization (graphs, alarms, tendencies).
See an example.
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Unnecessary on-site inspections
Repetitive on-site tasks reduce maintenance staff productivity.
Our built-in IoT infraestructure provides centralized information, available at any time and place.


Our service, Amadeus, is an automated system for machine monitoring through oil condition analysis. By using our cloud-based platform, IoT infrastructure and different oil sensors, you can assess the health of your machine and take the right decisions on time.


Easy to use dashboard for all your data analysis
  • SaaS application, 100% cloud-based
  • Machine Learning data analysis service, includes: graphs, alarms, tendencies.
  • Machine overview report generation
  • Intuitive web interface, available in any place of the world.
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Automatic, real time measurements of your machine status.
  • The system is compatible with different sensors, adjusting to the needs of your company.
  • Native functionality with the Amadeus interface
  • Self-generated IoT network, easy to connect with a local internet network.
  • Non-intrusive installation, no in-situ setups are required.

How does it work?

System Diagram
System Diagram

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